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Events, learning, tips and tools for all Electrocomponents people and their families across our global businesses, during the Covid-19 crisis.

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TED Podcast: We don’t have to fight loneliness alone

Click here to listen to the podcast From: Work life with Adam Grant Organisational psychologist...

Ivy House: Maintaining Healthy Relationships When Everything Around Us Is Changing

Change can put pressure on relationships of all kinds – partners, parents, children, teams and bosses. Elke Edwards looks at the powerful...

Black Lives Matter learning materials: Books, Articles, and Films, Documentaries and...

Learning materials Credit: This list of learning resources was originally compiled by two inspiring young ladies, Gabby Menezes-Forsythe and...

28th July: Toolbox Tuesday

It's Toolbox Tuesday - today's video is all about Super Hero posing!

Kick Off Your Staycation – the Right Way

Learn how to maximize the benefits of your staycation!

9th July: Creating a book of happiness

Today's video is about Sarah's book of happiness and how i want to expand it and help you create yours.

7th July: Accepting compliments

Today's video is about learning to take a compliment

6th July: Important lists

Today's video is all about the list - the people and the plans to have in place ahead of a crisis