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Ken Bradley – keeping connected from the Americas

President of the Americas's business, Ken Bradley, shares how he, his family, and the business are coping amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michael Cramb: Keeping connected is vital for social animals

Michael shares his thoughts on what lockdown means for us as humans, as a business and for him.

Sean Fredericks: a view from APAC

Sean talks about what the lockdown has been like in Singapore, how the family are adjusting and some tips on staying fit...

Simon Ramskill: Keeping the balance

How the tech teams moved at pace, and keeping a balance at home

Ian Haslegrave: adapting to the new normal

Ian Haslegrave talking about juggling home and work life during the Coronavirus crisis

Debbie Lentz: message for everyone at home

Debbie Lentz launching the #keepconnected #heroesathome site