Hear from our People

Hear From Our People

By Your Side

James Fordham has a strong message to share with us all...

I thought I could take it all on! Learning the hard way when he suffered a heart attack earlier...

Standing Together Against Racism: Lindsley Ruth Podcast

Lindsley Talks S1 E8 Recent events in the news over the past ten days with regards to George Floyd...

Five tech tips for the perfect work from home office

As many people are still working from home, making sure your home office is suitable is a top priority.

Our Senior Leaders

Electro Island Discs

Electro Island Discs with…Trevor Mascall

Trevor Mascall, Finance Business Partner to the ANZ region, shares the playlist of his life with Sarah Allen in this episode of...

Electro Island Discs with…Debbie Lentz

Debbie Lentz shares the soundtrack of her life on Electro Island Discs Marking Mental Health Awareness Week with the...

Electro Island Discs with…Mike England

Eight musical tracks, a book and a luxury item: what would you take with you if you were cast away to a ...

Keep Connected with Mark


Keep Connected: 22nd May

Week 10 of lockdown complete and time for a well-needed break next week....

Welcome to Keep Connected

Mark Taggart launches www.keepconnectedec.com

Hear from Sarah


Time to Talk

Hear from Sarah as she talks about National Time to Talk day, and how important...

5th January 2021


4th January 2021


5 top tips to survive Christmas

Sarah Allen shares some top tips on surviving the festive period this year.

28th July: Toolbox Tuesday

It's Toolbox Tuesday - today's video is all about Super Hero posing!

9th July: Creating a book of happiness

Today's video is about Sarah's book of happiness and how i want to...

7th July: Accepting compliments

Today's video is about learning to take a compliment

6th July: Important lists

Today's video is all about the list - the people and the plans...

2nd July: Finding the joy in failure

Today's video about finding the joy in failure.

30th June: The power of intentions

Today Sarah is back in her toolbox and talking about the power of...


WorkPride by myGwork

WorkPride by myGwork

This year we are proud to sponsor the myGwork virtual work pride. If...
Ems in lockdown

Ems in lockdown – a blog

Emily Hamilton, VP of Strategic Change, Electrocomponents plc Do...

12th April: Spectrum LGBTQ+ catch up

Meeting is every Monday at 6pm UK time. It's a safe place for...

5th April: Preston Taylor

A message for all our LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies

Garden RS


25th June: Deadheading roses

Clare, from the Garden RS community, talks about deadheading roses

1st June: Maintaining roses

Let's talk about roses!

26th May: ‘Chelsea chop’

Clare Cooper, part of the Garden RS community, offers you some great tips...