Keep Connected: 22nd May

Week 10 of lockdown complete and time for a well-needed break next week. Where will I go? Costa del Back Garden looks nice!

In my latest video I reflect on what Covid-19 has meant for leadership. We have spoken to a lot of our leaders in Electrocomponents plc about this and are beginning to see a new style of leadership emerge – one that feels less of a short-term reaction, and more like a long-term shift. Things we instinctively know are becoming the reality of how we operate.

There are some themes emerging:

  • Traditional barriers are breaking every day – Trust is on the up, making empowerment key
  • Leaders must move at pace, and create the environment for their teams to just get things done
  • Conversations are more holistic, focusing on how you are, not just what you are doing
  • Like always, necessity leads to innovation and “what if?” is coming up a lot more
  • Vulnerability is reality, and leaders are much more willing to share that, bringing people with them

Well, as ever I hope this is useful. I am off to wander round my house for a week!