Electro Island Discs with…Mike England

Eight musical tracks, a book and a luxury item: what would you take with you if you were cast away to a  desert island?

Listen to Electrocomponents COO, Mike England as he shares his thoughts and the soundtracks of his life through Electro Island Discs, a channel we have created to keep us all connected around the world, through music. 

Click here to access Mike’s  interview and you can then listen to Mike’s playlist via this link .  Go to tracks 17-24.  (Unfortunately due to music rights and laws and technology challenges, we are unable to play these during the actual interview, so each playlist will be added separately via Spotify).

So sit back and  listen why the Emily Sande track, ‘Read All about It’ means so much to Mike and his family … and what profession Mike would like to have followed, if he hadn’t walked his chosen career path.