Survive and thrive through lockdown, COVID and beyond.

Feeling down and energy-sapped? Anxious about the impact of COVID on your way of life, your job, your family, friends, colleagues and the economy…? And how is your Mental health and va-va-voom under current stress levels?

Join two of the UK’s ultimate mindset and health experts for a FREE, weekly 45-minute boost of COVID-busting interactive tips, exercises and shares guaranteed to RAISE your lust for life throughout lockdown and beyond. HIT 2021 RUNNING!

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This 4-week webinar programme is hosted by Dr Rosy Daniel, one of the UK’s leading Lifestyle Doctors and anti-COVID protection expert; and Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker, Channel 4’s ‘Happiness Engineer’, life-changer and mindset supremo.

You will discover:

  • Week 1 – Raise Your Health and Vitality
    • Be supported to help prevent COVID, cancer, heart disease & diabetes
    • Increase your energy and build your immune system
    • Nourish yourself with live foods, hydration, oxygen and exercise
    • Tackle stress and learn how to rest, relax and sleep well
  • Week 2 – Turn Fear & Uncertainty into Power
    • Overcome fearful challenges at home and at work
    • Embrace change
    • Empower your beliefs to propel you into an amazing 2021
  • Week 3 – An Attitude of Gratitude
    • Discover scientific proof of the health and wellbeing benefits of gratitude
    • Work out what gratitude looks like in your world
    • Learn daily tools to breed mental and physical fulfilment
  • Week 4 – Take the Power Back
    • Let nothing or nobody adversely control how you feel
    • Learn simple, highly effective positive psychology tips
    • Take control and support your family, friends and colleagues to their best year yet

Who should attend? Open-minded people of all ages who want to be the best versions of themselves and terrific role models to their families, friends and colleagues.

How much? Your time and an optional donation to the NHS.

Where and When? On Zoom, Midweek and Midday – 4 consecutive Wednesdays starting November 25th 2020, 12.00pm for 45 minutes. To register follow this link.

Why are we offering this? As our gift of support and expertise during the challenge of COVID