Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Helping you and your family stay healthy and occupied whilst away from the office

We’ve pulled together some of the most useful content we’ve found to help you stay well and engaged whilst you are unable to go to your normal place of work. If you find anything particularly helpful on the site, why not share this with your colleagues, friends and family?

Mental wellness at work

Keep Fit and Healthy

Staying active can help reduce stress and provide a clear mind, as well as keep you healthy. Here are a few free resources we have found which could be useful for you.

Be Comfortable

Whilst some of us are working from home for an unknown period, it is important that we are set up correctly.

Juggling family

We know some of you have curious young people in your household asking lots of questions. Here are a few things to help support young people and dependants. ​​​​​​​

Keep virtual teams engaged

Managers: Top Tips for Tackling Employee Burnout

A little stress can be a great motivator. But excessive work demands and personal life stressors can lead us to burn...

Keeping momentum and motivation: an AXX PPP manager guide

If your team is working from home, you may find that some take it in their stride but others, who may have...

Top 7 Tips for Supporting Colleagues with Kids

1. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS AND LISTEN Understanding your team’s set-up, support networks and coping strategies for this period...

Top 10 Tips for Leading Remotely

1. SHOW GENUINE EMPATHY When we think of a remote worker, it’s tempting to think of someone who...

How Well Do I Support My Remote Team?

This questionnaire will help you assess if you're offering the right amount of support for your remote working employees. And form...

Conference Call Bingo

Have fun on your team calls with Bingo!